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Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass

Product description

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Bowl + 50g Seeds
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Product description

Decorative ceramic bowl with cute cat motif, suitable as a food or water bowl, includes 50g packet of cat grass seeds to get started, helps promote healthy digestion, prevents hairballs, easy to use
Cats swallow lots of fur when they groom themselves every day. If this hair remains in the stomach for a long time, it can form harmful hairballs. Cat grass is a natural way to aid digestion and prevent swallowed fur from turning into hairballs in the digestive tract.

It is highly recommended to provide cat grass to house cats that never go outside. This ceramic bowl comes with a 50g packet of seeds so you can start offering cat grass to your kitty very soon. This decorative bowl can also be used for food or water.

Trixie Ceramic Bowl with Cat Grass at a glance:

  • Elegant ceramic bowl & cat grass seeds to grow your own at home
  • Helps digestion: provides cats with grass, which they require to stay healthy
  • Reusable bowl: cat grass can always be replanted
  • Ready to use straightaway: includes 50g of seeds to plant straightaway
  • Lovely design: decorated with cat pattern
  • Can be used as a food or water bowl
  • Cat grass is a supplement
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions: 15 x 4cm (Ø x H)
  • Includes ceramic bowl and 50g packet of seeds
Tip for use: The seeds germinate best when they have been soaked in water for 1 - 2 hours. After this, the seeds can be moved to the bowl. Place the bowl in a warm and light place and keep the seeds moist. You can also put the seeds in potting soil or a low-nutrient soil that is permeable to air and water.


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