Treats & Bones for Extra Small Dogs

Check out this selection of delicious snacks and chew bones that have been specially adapted to suit the small jaws and teeth of very small and toy breed dogs.
6 products
6 products

Delicious, long-lasting chewing enjoyment with crispy beef rawhide and real chicken meat inside, offering a tasty, natural and odour-neutral snack that is free from artificial colours.

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XS (7 Bones)
£2.79£33.21 / kg

Delicious chew snacks for small breed dogs weighing 2-12kg, with a combination of beef and rawhide, supporting dental care and with an irresistible flavour from beef as the sole protein.

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XS, 84g (7 Bones)
£3.99£47.50 / kg
Multibuy: XS, 3 x 84g (21 Bones)
individually priced £11.97Now£11.49£45.60 / kg

Soft mini dog treats made with chicken, beef, lamb and salmon. DogMio Barkis come in a handy re-sealable tub and are ideal as a delicious snack between meals.

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500g Re-sealable Tub
£3.99£7.98 / kg
Multibuy: 3 x 500g Re-sealable Tubs
individually priced £11.97Now£10.99£7.33 / kg
450g Refill Pack
£2.69£5.98 / kg
Multibuy: 3 x 450g Refill Packs
individually priced £8.07Now£7.49£5.55 / kg

Greenies promote dental hygiene by helping to keep your dog's teeth clean and their breath fresh. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Greenies Teenie are a great treat! For dogs weighing between 2 to 7kg.

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170g (22 treats)
£6.19£36.41 / kg
Multibuy: 3 x 170g
individually priced £18.57Now£16.99£33.31 / kg
340gSold out
£9.79£28.79 / kg
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Delicious mix of soft dog treats in the shape of mini bones and hearts, with poultry, lamb, tripe or salmon. The perfect snack or reward for your dog!

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£4.99£9.98 / kg
Multibuy: 3 x 500g
individually priced £14.97Now£13.99£9.33 / kg

Grain-free dental care snacks for dogs, developed by veterinarians using natural ingredients, with a delicious flavour and helping to support clean teeth and fresh breath, as well as reducing plaque.

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Teenie (22 Snacks)
£6.69£39.35 / kg
Multibuy: 3 x Teenie (66 Snacks)
individually priced £20.07Now£19.49£38.22 / kg