Veterinary Dog Food for Sensitive Dogs

Food allergies and nutritional intolerances are becoming an increasingly prevalent health complaint in dogs. These veterinary diets avoid common allergens and are easier on the canine digestive tract than normal dog food, making them ideal for dogs with dietary sensitivities.

Most of these foods are Hypoallergenic which use ingredients that are better suited to a dog’s natural digestive system. If you are looking for a Hypoallergenic Dog Food it will be included in the title. More information about Hypoallergenic Dog Food can be found here: Important information: Please consult a vet for further information before feeding your pet a veterinary diet. Your pet should then be checked by a vet every 6 months. If your pet's health becomes worse while using this product, seek veterinary advice immediately. By adding this product to your basket you confirm that you have read and understood the above information.

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25 - 27 of 27 results
25 - 27 of 27 results

Dietetic dry food for puppies, designed to support skin function in young dogs with dermatosis and food allergies, enriched with essential fatty acids and select sources of protein and carbohydrates.

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Complete dietetic food for small dogs, ideal for those with environmental and nutritional allergies, easy to digest and rich in beneficial fatty acids to support skin barrier function.

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Hill's Science Plan Adult 1+ Hypoallergenic Large Breed Salmon
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Hypoallergenic dry food for large breed adult dogs aged 1 - 6 years, made with tasty salmon and potato in a grain-free recipe that is gentle on digestion, enriched with omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

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