Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Kitten 190g

6 x 190g
: 4/5
Bozita Feline cat food is a wet cat food for all stages of your cat's life. Made in Sweden with tasty chunks of meat in delicious jelly, comes in handy tetra pak packaging.for further information...
Product description
Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Kitten 190g
Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Kitten 190g
Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Kitten 190g
Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Kitten 190g
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£5.69 / kg
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Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Kitten 190g - 6 x 190g
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Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Kitten 190g

- 6 x 190g

£5.69 / kg

Product description

Bozita Feline cat food is a wet cat food for all stages of your cat's life. Made in Sweden with tasty chunks of meat in delicious jelly, comes in handy tetra pak packaging.

Sweden – a country of breathtaking beauty and untouched nature which provides the best possible basis for fresh, healthy and high-quality ingredients. This love of nature is part of the philosophy behind every pack of Bozita Feline cat food. Bozita Feline is produced in Sweden and contains Swedish ingredients, with an exceptionally high meat content – up to 93% meat in each chunk. This not only makes Bozita extra delicious for your cat, but also provides your pet with vital vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, as well as taurine, which is vital for your cat’s health. Bozita wet cat food contains natural Beta-Glucan extracted from yeast, which works together with your cat’s white blood cells to activate and strengthen the body’s defences.

The different varieties of Bozita Feline have been specially developed to suit your cat’s lifestyle.
Bozita Feline Kitten Wet Cat Food at a glance: For growing cats making the transition from milk to solid foods

  • Provides optimal energy during your cat’s important growth phase
  • With fresh Swedish chicken, for easy digestion and a delicious flavour
  • Contains SPC (Special Processed Cereals) – specially developed raw ingredients made from oats, that help to support a healthy digestive system
  • Naturally rich in taurine and selenium
  • With MacroGard® to help strengthen the body’s natural defences
The handy Tetra Pak Package is easy to open and ensures optimal protection for the contents. The Bozita Tetra Pak Package are easily resealed by folding back the corners, so food will stay fresh and tasty in the fridge for up to two days. Empty cartons are environmentally friendly and can be recycled where facilities exist. The empty, flat packaging takes up little space in the bin.



Chicken (88% in chunks), pork, minerals, yeast (ß-1.3/1.6-glucan, 0.01%).

Nutritional Additives:
Vitamin A (2.280 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (230 IU/kg), vitamin E (13mg/kg), taurine (500mg/kg), copper [copper II sulphate pentahydrate] (8mg/kg ), manganese [manganese II & III oxide] (2mg/kg), zinc [zinc sulphate, monohydrate] (38mg/kg), iodine [calcium iodate, anhydrate] (1mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein7.5 %
fat6.0 %
fibre0.5 %
ash2.0 %
calcium0.35 %
phosphorus0.3 %
magnesium0.02 %
moisture83.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:
Bozita Feline is a complete cat food.

Bozita Feline Kitten:
Kittens weighing approx. 1kg (<4 months) should be fed approx. 158g per day.
Kittens weighing approx. 2kg (4-9 months) should be fed approx. 229g per day.
Kittens weighing approx. 4kg (9-12 months) should be fed approx. 393g per day.

The amounts given are just guidelines and should be adapted to meet your own cat's individual requirements, taking into account its health and activity levels.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
my cat and kitten love them
big chunk with jelly. its smells weird to me but cats love them
: 5/5
Great kitten food
My 2 kittens love this food and had no problems with it from the very start. I only give them small amount each to begin with. As soon as I take it out they are around my feet meowing. It smells ok too.
: 5/5
Kitten loves it!
My kitten loves this! He chooses not to eat very much dry food so I was looking for a good quality wet food to ensure he is getting the nutrition he needs. He loves Bozita kitten! He prefers a pate texture so I mash it with a fork. I've tried him on a few other wet foods but this one is easily the best.
: 5/5
My kitten loves it!
I have tried my kitten (now 8 months old) on many different types of wet food as she isn't keen on a totally dry food diet, but this is the only complete kitten food that she loves. I have done a load of research into the quality of most kitten and cat foods and generally they are of a dismal quality! I have tried her on some of the more expensive/higher meat content foods and they are too rich! The meat/jelly ratio seems perfect here, so I will keep using Purizon as a dry food alongside this.
: 5/5
Good Quality Food
Read some reviews for higher quality kitten food, and Bozita fit the bill. Tried with my 8 month old kitten, and he loves it. As for some of the other more negative reviews about the jelly, I mix my wet food with dry and have not experienced any problems.
: 1/5
Not loved by the kitties
I don't want to give this one star since we all know cats are fussy eaters and my fussy lot won't eat this so have to give my boxes away.
: 5/5
Miss I
May kitten loves it
: 5/5
Kittens love it
I have tried my two kittens on a few different high meat content wet foods and this is the one they liked the most, it gets gobbled up straight away, whereas others they weren't so bothered by. It doesn't look or smell great to us humans, but it's definitely a winner with my kittens.
: 3/5
My cat doesn't like it
I personally like it as it is very affordable and has a high meat content. But my cat wouldn't eat it which is very sad (T_T)
: 2/5
Too much jelly my kittens and cats didn't like it at all
My kittens and cats didn't like the meal, disappointed with this choice, lost money...
: 3/5
Too much jelly
My kittens did like this to begin with but then went off it, maybe because there was an awful lot of jelly compared to meat. Didn't smell too bad and they did not get upset tummies with it. Now trying other kitten foods to see what suits better
: 5/5
very good
Doesn't smell as nice as whiskas or the other shelf kitten food but you can tell it is better quality its smells like chicken would rather than way over the top, did you know they make whiskas smell to appeal to human and it smells horrible. this smells like lightly seasoned chicken and you have to be close to smell even that high quality and my kitten loves it just search up about bozita
: 5/5
My kitten adores this food
We have a 16 week old kitten who has been extremely fussy with her food. I have tried her on Animonda Carny, Granatapet, Natures Menu and Grau. These were recommended as a more high quality food but our kitten wouldn't touch them. Bozita on the other hand, she can't get enough of! The previous foods are more of a pate texture, however Bozita is chunks in jelly - much more palatable! Only shame is that they don't have any more flavours in the kitten brand.
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