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Porta 21 Wet Cat Food

If you are looking for a pure, natural moist cat food, you've found the right product with Feline Porta 21! This premium quality canned cat food contains no chemical preservatives, and is high in important vitamins, minerals and taurine. Feline Porta 21 is easy to digest, even for sensitive cats, and has an ideal calcium-phosphorous balance for good bone development. Give your cat the very best With Feline Porta 21.
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1 products

Porta 21 Pouches: complementary wet cat food

Feline Porta 21 is quality wet food for cats, in convenient pouches - a purely natural product, now available as a multibuy for even more savings.

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Chicken Pure
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Whole Tuna with Beef
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Porta 21 Wet Cat Food

Tasty meals ideal for sensitive cats

Find your cat’s ideal meal with this selection of Porta 21 cat food, a collection of pure, natural moist cat food meals that are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including taurine, a vital nutrient for keeping your cat’s eyes and heart healthy. This Porta 21 cat food is easy to digest and can even be the ideal diet for sensitive cats, with the perfect calcium-phosphorus balance to help your cat’s bones develop.
A Porta 21 cat food diet offers premium quality in a can, with no chemical preservatives and available in a variety of exciting flavours, including fish, poultry and meat. It is made using natural ingredients and is available in both complete and supplementary food varieties. Both pouches and cans are easy to serve and ensure freshness and flavour at every meal.

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Porta 21 cat food offers wholesome nutrition for all cats.
All Porta 21 cat food is made using high quality natural ingredients in luxurious dishes.

  • Cans: these cans of Porta 21 cat food are available in both complete and supplementary options, with tasty meat, fish or poultry encased in delicious jelly and enriched with essential nutrition. There are plenty of flavours to choose from, so that your cat can enjoy daily variety or find its firm favourite! These Porta 21 cat food cans are easy to digest and contain finest chunks of meat or fish that are packed full of flavour and natural nutritional benefits.
  • Pouches: these tasty pouches are convenient and easy to serve, made from purely natural ingredients and offering a range of irresistible flavours to nourish your feline. Each pouch of Porta 21 cat food contains added vitamins A, D and E, as well as taurine, and is free from chemical preservatives. Guarantee daily freshness and flavour!

Porta 21 cat food is delicious and wholesome, made from hearty natural ingredients.
Each Porta 21 cat food dish is also enriched with a range of beneficial nutrients for comprehensive good health and wellbeing.

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