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Royal Canin Ageing 12+ Jelly & Gravy Mixed Pack 24 x 85g

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Ageing +12 in Jelly & Gravy
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Product description

Wet food for cats over 12 years, with a special recipe containing vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids to support your cat in its senior years. Mixed pack with 12x jelly pouches and 12x gravy pouches.
Royal Canin Ageing 12+ Jelly & Gravy Mixed Pack in pouches is an ideal supplement to Royal Canin dry food. The recipes with tender chunks of meat in a delicious gravy or jelly are specially formulated to match the nutrient profile of your cat. The portioned pouches keep the food fresh and tasty.

It is based on the same philosophy as all other Royal Canin innovations: it is all about your pet’s wellbeing.

Royal Canin Ageing +12 in Gravy & Jelly cat food offers an ideal formula of ingredients of senior cats over 12 years old.

Cats know which nutrient profile is most suited to them and choose their food accordingly. The Optimal Macro Nutrient Profile is drawn from Royal Canin’s years of experience. It will keep your cat happy and satisfied for a long time. Your cat will not get bored with Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition products, so it’s not necessary to vary the taste each mealtime, especially as taste is not a deciding factor for your cat.

Optimales-Nährstoff-Profil The entire product line has been formulated to match the optimal Macro Nutrient Profile (MNP) for your cat. Instinctive has been perfectly formulated to match the optimal Macro Nutrient Profile instinctively preferred by cats at each individual stage of their lives. The optimal Macro Nutrient Profile is the goodness which your cat derives from the various nutrients. It is the optimal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates with long-term acceptance, based on your cat’s age. The specific nutrient profile will vary with the age of your cat, but also with its physiological status (gestation etc.)


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