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Yarrah Organic Vega Wheat-Free

Product description

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Product description

Dry, vegetarian food for dogs of all breeds, with organic ingredients and balanced nutrients, rich in protein, contains baobab, coconut oil, seaweed and white lupin, easily digestible
This vegetarian and wheat-free dry food from Yarrah allows you to feed your dog a balanced and natural diet. The recipe is made up of lots of high-quality raw ingredients that are grown organically. This kibble contains no meat and is free from sugar and artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. This vegetarian food is particularly suitable for very sensitive dogs with allergies or food intolerances. It provides balanced nutrition with a high proportion of essential amino acids and plant extracts, ensuring vitality and an optimal body composition for your dog. 

Yarrah Organic Vega Wheat-Free has an ideal protein-to-fat ratio. The beneficial proteins and carbohydrates from maize, peas, soya, seaweed and white lupins are highly digestible. These ingredients are combined with fibre from sunflower seed husks and other ingredients that regulate the intestines to ensure that this food is easily digested, and nutrients are absorbed. Baobab is naturally rich in vitamin C, calcium and potassium. Coconut oil provides an extra energy boost. All of the ingredients complement each other perfectly to make a food that is tailored to your dog’s nutritional requirements, laying the foundation for a happy and healthy life - without meat!

Yarrah Organic Vega Wheat-Free dog food at a glance:
  • Complete premium dry food for adult dogs of all breeds
  • 100% vegetarian & wheat-free: excludes meat and animal by-products, ideal for dogs with allergies or food intolerances
  • Organic ingredients: exclusive use of high quality, organically produced ingredients
  • Ideal protein-fat composition: contains 21% valuable plant proteins & 14% fat
  • Highly digestible protein building blocks and carbohydrates: from soya beans, maize, peas, seaweed and white lupin
  • Organic coconut oil: provides a boost of energy and is rich in lauric acid
  • Organic baobab: naturally rich in Vitamin C, calcium and potassium
  • Organic seaweed: rich in vitamins and minerals, improves bowel function and promotes vitality
  • Organic white lupin and brewer's yeast: provides essential amino acids
  • Healthy digestion: organic sunflower seed husks act as a source of crude fibre and contribute to balanced gastrointestinal flora
  • Lowers risk of heart problems: enriched with vitamin B-12, L-Carnitine and taurine
  • Balanced nutrient profile: provides your dog with everything it needs for an active and healthy life
  • No sugar, artificial colours, aromas or preservatives
  • Practical packaging: in resealable zip-bag
  • Organic since 1992: from a Dutch manufacturer that produces in harmony with nature


Maize*, peas*, soya beans*, sunflower seed husks*, coconut oil*, minerals, brewer's yeast, white lupin*, baobob* and dried seaweed*

* = from certified organic farming/ sources.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (19,200 IU), vitamin D3 (1,930 IU), vitamin E (110 mg), taurine (460mg), L-carnitine (223mg), iron (46mg), iodine (1.5mg), zinc (115mg), manganese (34mg), copper (9mg), selenium (0.27mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 21.0 %
fat 14.0 %
fibre 7.0 %
ash 8.0 %
calcium 1.2 %
phosphorus 0.8 %
magnesium 0.22 %
moisture 8.0 %
sodium 0.37 %
salt 0.93 %
food energy 340.0 kcal/100 g
protein 21.0 %
fat 14.0 %
fibre 7.0 %
ash 8.0 %
calcium 1.2 %
phosphorus 0.8 %
magnesium 0.22 %
moisture 8.0 %
sodium 0.37 %
salt 0.93 %
food energy 340.0 kcal/100 g

Feeding guide

Recommended feeding guidelines:

Yarrah Organic Vegan Wheat-Free is a complete food for dogs.

Dog's Weight Reduced Activity Normal Activity Increased Activity
5kg 85g 110g 150g
7kg 110g 140g 190g
10kg 145g 180g 245g
20kg 240g 305g 415g
40kg 410g 515g 700g
60kg 555g 700g 950g

Fresh drinking water should always be available.


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