Josera Dog Food

Josera has the right diet for every dog. Carefully chosen ingredients, gentle preparation, and aroma-preserving packs guarantees Josera's success. Josera dog food is made of inspected, top-quality raw ingredients from Germany. Josera Dog Food - the taste of friendship! Back to the dog food product group.

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Josera dog food – proven quality, diverse, made in Germany

With Josera dog food, you're choosing a diverse pet food from German production of proven quality. Production takes place with selected natural ingredients in an environmentally friendly way. You can buy a broad range of Josera dog food in our dog shop: different flavours, from dry food for sensitive dogs and varieties specially tailored to certain dog breeds to various saver packs for bargain hunters.

The right food for every life situation with Josera dog food

There's always a good answer to the question of which Josera dog food you should buy for your dog. The manufacturer offers a wide range of different dog food products, which are tailored to the individual life and circumstances of each dog. The range consists of Josera wet food, dry food, treats and puppy milk. There is food:

- for dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors

- for small and large dog breeds

- for dogs with digestive problems

- for dogs with intolerances, e.g. gluten

- for active dogs

- for overweight dogs.

You can easily find the right Josera dog food for your best friend's individual requirements.

What is the composition of Josera dog food?

The composition of the individual food types is very varied, in line with the diversity of the different products. All ingredients and contents are listed in detail on every food packaging or can. No Josera dog food contains genetically modified ingredients. What's more, you can rest assured that Josera dog food has been developed without animal testing. The individual food recipes don't contain any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

Where is Josera dog food produced?

Josera dog food is a high-quality product made in Germany. Josera GmbH & Co. KG is a family business founded by Joseph Erbacher in 1941. The company is based in 63924 Kleinheubach in the Central Franconian district Miltenberg. A focus on your dog's health and wellbeing is the top priority in Josera's modern production facilities. The entire production is DLG-certified and is also checked in the company's own laboratories.

Josera dog food varieties: A summary

The range consists of more than 60 different varieties of Josera dog food plus accessories. Here is a summary of the seven most popular varieties from the Josera dry food range in AromaSafe zipped bags:

- Duck & potato: with biotin, grain-free, for adult dogs

- Lamb & sweet potato: with herbs and fruits, grain-free, for adult dogs

- SensiAdult: highly digestible, for sensitive and active adult dogs

- SensiJunior: highly digestible, for rearing dogs from 6 weeks of age

- Large Breed: high satiety, anti-bolting, for large dog breeds

- Active Nature: rich in vitamin E & C, for active adult dogs

- Hypoallergenic: easily digestible, grain-free, for sensitive dogs and older dogs

How to feed Josera dog food properly

Follow the recommended feeding quantity for each Josera dog food. The recommendation can vary depending on the type of food and merely provides a guideline. Due to factors such as exercise and overall health, the actual requirement can also be higher or lower. Always keep an eye on your dog's weight in order to recognise weight loss or gain at an early stage. When feeding Josera dry food, always make sure to provide an additional bowl of fresh water.