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Feringa Pure Meat Menu Mixed Trial Pack

Product description

Feringa Pure Meat Menu Mixed Trial Pack 5 8
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6 x 200g
(£5.41 / kg)
6 x 410g
(£3.86 / kg)

Product description

Try six different flavours of this delicious complete wet food for adult cats with a grain-free recipe containing min. 95% meat or fish from a singe protein source, with added veggies & herbs.
Feringa Pure Meat Menu cat food is made by a small family business. This tasty cat food has a high meat content of at least 95% fresh human grade meat or fish, and is enriched with delicious vegetables and herbs as well as vital taurine. It provides your cat with all the vital nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

All ingredients are of premium quality and carefully selected and processed to preserve the great taste and the natural, healthy nutrients in Feringa Pure Meat Menu complete cat food. The resulting cat food is just like home-made and even the choosiest of cats will enjoy it.
Feringa has your cat's welfare at heart and this food is based on a species-appropriate, natural diet.

Feringa Pure Meat Menu Mixed Pack (6 x 200g and 6 x 410g) contains the following varieties:

  • 1 x Chicken with Pumpkin & Catnip
  • 1 x Rabbit with Parsnips & Catnip
  • 1 x Lamb with Potato & Cat Thyme
  • 1 x Salmon with Potato & Parsley
  • 1 x Duck with Cottage Cheese & Valerian
  • 1 x Veal with Broccoli & Dandelion

Feringa Pure Meat Menu at a glance:

  • High meat content, at least 95% fresh meat or fish: each variety of Feringa Meat Menu is made with meat or fish of human grade quality
  • Single source of protein:
    Each Feringa variety only ever contains one source of meat so it is suitable for cats with food sensitivities
  • Grain-free – gluten-free: to ease stress on the digestive system
  • Gentle processing: all ingredients are cold-filled and then gently cooked to retain as many nutrients as possible
  • Recipe only uses named ingredients: prepared using only the ingredients shown in the recipe
  • High quality ingredients: Feringa does not believe in using meat and bone meal, low-grade vegetable by-products, slaughterhouse waste, artificial colourings, preservatives or flavour enhancers
  • With taurine: important for healthy eyesight and heart function
  • Optimum calcium - phosphorus ratio: calcium-phosphorus ratio of the Pure Meat Menu ranges from 1.24 to 1.33
  • With Jerusalem artichokes: positive effect on your cat's gut flora since they contain a high concentration of natural prebiotic and probiotic fibre such as inulin
  • With spirulina: rich in important minerals and essential fatty acids
  • Important dietary fibre: contains fresh, easy to digest vegetables as well as delicious herbs to ensure that your cat gets enough fibre and has a healthy digestive system
  • Soya-free – lactose-free: naturally free from soya and lactose, which makes it highly suited to sensitive cats. The Pure Beef variety is free from soya and contains just small traces of lactose.
  • Made by a small family business: Feringa wet cat food is made with love and care by a small family business in Southern Germany, where creating natural and species appropriate nutrition is at the heart of the business

Feringa – Lovingly prepared, just like home-made! A natural, species appropriate food for your pet.



Chicken with Pumpkin & Catnip:
95.8% chicken (35% meat, 20% hearts, 20% stomachs, 15% liver, 10% skin), 3.5% pumpkin, 0.5% catnip, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1% minerals.

Rabbit with Parsnip & Catnip:
97.3% rabbit (38% meat, 22% larynx, 20% liver, 10% hearts, 10% lung), 2% parsnip, 0.5% catnip, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1% minerals.

Lamb with Potato & Cat Thyme:
97.3% lamb (34% meat, 26% stomach, 20% liver, 20% larynx), 2% potato, 0.5% cat thyme, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1% minerals.

Salmon with Potato & Parsley:
97.8% salmon, 1.75% potato, 0.25% parsley, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1% minerals.

Duck with Cottage Cheese & Valerian:
97.8% duck (50% neck, 20% hearts, 20% liver, 10% stomach), 1.75% cottage cheese, 0.25% valerian, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1% minerals.

Veal with Broccoli & Dandelion:
97.8% veal (40% meat, 20% hearts, 20% liver, 10% lungs), 1.75% broccoli, 0.25% dandelion, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1% minerals.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (300 IU), vitamin E (60 IU), zinc [as zinc sulphate monohydrate] (34mg), manganese [as manganous sulphate monoydrate] (2mg), copper [as cupric sulphate pentahydrate] (2mg), iodine [as calcium iodate anhydrous] (0.45mg), taurine (700mg), selenium (0.1mg).

Analytical constituents

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:
See table for individual variety.
Serve at room temperature. Always provide fresh drinking water. Please store in a cool, dry place.

Chicken with Pumpkin & Catnip;
Cat's weight Indoor cats
Sterilised cats
Active cats
2kg 125g 165g
4kg 200g 265g
6kg 260g 350g
8kg 315g 425g

Rabbit with Parsnips & Catnip
Cat's weight Indoor cats
Sterilised cats
Active cats
2kg 130g 170g
4kg 205g 270g
6kg 265g 355g
8kg 325g 430g

Lamb with Potato & Cat Thyme:
Cat's weight Indoor cats
Sterilised cats
Active cats
2kg 115g 155g
4kg 185g 245g
6kg 240g 325g
8kg 295g 390g

Salmon with Potato & Parsley:
Cat's weight Indoor cats
Sterilised cats
Active cats
2kg 100g 135g
4kg 165g 215g
6kg 215g 2850g
8kg 260g 345g

Duck with Cottage Cheese & Valerian:
Cat's weight Indoor cats
Sterilised cats
Active cats
2kg 100g 135g
4kg 160g 215g
6kg 210g 280g
8kg 255g 340g

Veal with Broccoli & Dandelion:
Cat's weight Indoor cats
Sterilised cats
Active cats
2kg 105g 140g
4kg 165g 220g
6kg 215g 290g
8kg 265g 350g



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